Olympics coverage note: Gold medalist, Anna Kiesenhofer is a mathematician, smiles and beliefs

Austria’s Anna Kiesenhofer, who won the women’s bicycle road race on the 25th with a big upset, came to the championship meeting with a tendency to be nervous. Earphones for simultaneous interpretation are also hurriedly put on by the moderator. The air in the press conference room was softened as he shyly said, “Because everything is new to me.”

However, when the press conference begins, the answers with strong will and conviction continue. In self-training, first grasp the basics and read academic books. It is said that the diet and water intake for the day will be decided after repeated self-analysis.

Keesenhofer, ranked 94th in the world, is now 30 years old and is a mathematician. He won the gold medal, overtaking the professional players in the line. A team-fighting bike road, but she doesn’t hire a coach or nutritionist. I ran alone during the race.

The comments are also impressive, saying, “I don’t know anything about the coach who gives instructions, even if I know the translation,” and “There is no shortcut in the process of making a prospect.”┬áHe is fluent in French, German and Spanish as well as English.

“That’s right,” he says, saying that it was a victory that no one expected, but he asserts that “I don’t believe in miracles.” I felt self-confidence backed by detailed self-analysis and steady efforts.

Since the race, the phone has been stuck somewhere in the backpack and hasn’t talked to family and boyfriends who have full confidence. The smile that said, “I’m sure everyone is happy,” was very charming.

Alex Sanchez

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