PwC Expands AI Capabilities with OpenAI Partnership

PwC Expands AI Capabilities with OpenAI Partnership

PwC has announced a significant partnership with OpenAI, becoming the largest customer and the first reseller of OpenAI’s enterprise product. This move reflects the growing trend of businesses integrating generative artificial intelligence to enhance their operations and services.

Key Partnership Details

Deployment of ChatGPT Enterprise

PwC will implement ChatGPT Enterprise, an advanced version of OpenAI’s chatbot designed for large organizations. This deployment will encompass PwC’s 75,000 employees in the U.S. and 26,000 employees in the UK. The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on this strategic agreement.

Engagement with Clients

PwC is actively incorporating generative AI across its consulting client base in the UK and the US, engaging with over 95% of these clients. Additionally, the firm is exploring AI’s potential and implications with many of its audit clients, although specific financial terms and reselling plans have not been disclosed.

Custom GPTs Development

The company has been developing customized GPTs to assist employees with various tasks, such as reviewing tax returns and generating dashboards and reports. This customization aims to streamline internal processes and improve efficiency.

Investment in Generative AI

PwC’s partnership with OpenAI is part of its broader initiative to invest $1 billion in generative AI technology. This investment underlines PwC’s commitment to leading in the AI landscape and leveraging cutting-edge technology to benefit its clients and operations.

OpenAI’s Enterprise Expansion

Targeting Corporate Clients

OpenAI is actively working to expand its enterprise customer base beyond its existing partnership with Microsoft. In April, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman hosted numerous Fortune 500 executives in San Francisco, New York, and London, pitching AI services tailored for corporate use. This effort positions OpenAI as a direct competitor to Microsoft in the enterprise AI market.

Previous Partnerships

Earlier in May, OpenAI secured a content agreement with News Corp, the owner of the Wall Street Journal. This agreement signifies OpenAI’s strategic approach to building relationships with major corporations and enhancing its market presence.


What is ChatGPT Enterprise?

ChatGPT Enterprise is an advanced version of OpenAI’s chatbot, designed specifically for large organizations. It offers enhanced features and capabilities to meet the complex needs of corporate clients.

How will PwC benefit from this partnership?

PwC aims to leverage ChatGPT Enterprise to improve internal processes, enhance service delivery to clients, and develop custom AI solutions for various business tasks. This partnership is expected to drive efficiency and innovation within PwC.

What are custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs are tailored versions of OpenAI’s language models, designed to perform specific tasks such as reviewing tax returns or generating reports. These customized models are developed to meet the unique needs of PwC’s operations.

How significant is PwC’s $1 billion investment in AI?

PwC’s $1 billion investment in generative AI highlights the firm’s commitment to leading in AI adoption and innovation. This substantial investment aims to integrate advanced AI technologies across PwC’s services and operations, setting a benchmark in the industry.

What are the implications of OpenAI’s expansion into the enterprise market?

OpenAI’s expansion into the enterprise market represents a strategic move to diversify its customer base and compete directly with established players like Microsoft. This expansion is expected to drive innovation and adoption of AI technologies in the corporate sector.


PwC’s partnership with OpenAI marks a significant step in the integration of generative AI within large organizations. By deploying ChatGPT Enterprise and developing custom GPTs, PwC aims to enhance its operational efficiency and service delivery. This move is part of PwC’s broader $1 billion investment in AI technology, reflecting its commitment to innovation. OpenAI, in turn, continues to expand its enterprise customer base, positioning itself as a key player in the corporate AI market. This partnership underscores the growing importance of AI in business and sets a precedent for future collaborations in the industry.

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