Valmet introduces new reliability monitoring applications for fiber processing equipment

To enhance predictive maintenance, Valmet is launching new reliability monitoring applications for fiber processing equipment. They are part of the Valmet Industrial Internet offering and provide powerful tools for fiber producers to secure equipment availability and to improve process performance.

“Many fiber production machines operate in extremely harsh environments, and we have had to design and build a robust system. Despite the challenging conditions, we have managed to develop a signal input that previously didn’t exist,” says Heikki Kettunen, Senior Manager R&D, Intelligent Rolls, Valmet. The monitoring system combines modern sensor, signal processing and data transfer technologies applied to fiber production processes.

One of the first commercial applications is Valmet TwinRoll Press Vat Temperature monitoring. The application monitors pulp flow distribution inside the press through temperature measurements and visualizes, for example, the situations when the press gets plugged and pulp flow is disturbed. This application can be used as a standalone input to monitor press plugging or it can be connected to Valmet’s extensive TwinRoll Press performance monitoring systems to secure the overall reliability and washing efficiency of the press.

Another new application is Valmet Feeder Rotor Position Monitoring. To maintain an optimal steady state in the continuous cooking process, low- and high-pressure feeders must provide a stable chip flow in the digester feeding line. The monitoring system visualizes feeder adjustments, identifies impending problems, and supports operators with more accurate adjustments for successful chip feeding.

Modular system design, scalability and connectivity set the path to improved process performance and equipment reliability

Valmet reliability monitoring applications can be installed as a standalone device for single equipment monitoring. “However, this modular platform has been designed with the possibility to expand, which means additional signal inputs can be added, and a connection with other customer systems like mill DCS can be established. These features enable a transition to more comprehensive process reliability and performance improvements,” says Juha Ruotsi, Global Technology Manager, Valmet Rolls and Workshop Services.

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